Glopak USA lends support to NSLIJ
& Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation

On May 26th, Glopak attended the The Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation’s Annual Lunch N’ Learn event at Northwell Health (formerly known as North shore LIJ), where advances in the research and treatment of sickle cell anemia in children and adults were discussed in detail.

As Glopak serves the pharmaceutical and medical industries in New York and Long Island, we took the opportunity to attend the event, learn and offer our support to the hospital and foundation for their amazing and continued progress with the disease.

Currently, the only cure for SCD is bone marrow or stem cell transplant. Topics discussed at the event included the causes and symptoms associated with sickle shaped cells, the diseases effect on the body’s organs, bone marrow transplant techniques, selecting the best donor, and donating blood cells.

Featured Speakers included Peter Gillette, MD, former Director of the Vernice Joyner Hopkins Sickle Cell Practice and Assistant Professor of Medicine at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. The Keynote speaker at the event was Lionel Blanc, PhD. The Associate Investigator at the Feinstein Instutute of Medical Research, and Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine and Pediatrics at Hofstra-Northwell Health School of Medicine.

About Glopak USA
GloPak USA Corp. is a full-service glass and plastic packaging company serving North America.. We provide containers used for the safe storing of pills and prescription medications, including injection molded vials, medical glass tubes, ampuoles and boston round bottles along with dispensing and child resistant caps and closures. All our glass packaging conforms to USP Type I, II and III standards and FDA requirements.