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Glass Types

Type 1 Glass

Also known as "body neutral," type I glass is a borosilicate glass which has a highly chemical resistance composition, releasing the least amount of alkali. It is commonly used for pharmaceuticals or fine chemical products that are sensitive to PH changes.

Typical products manufactured from Type 1 Glass
glass vials, pre-fill syringes, cartridges and ampoules for small volume parenteral and diagnostic reagents.

Type 2 Glass

Type II glass containers are made from commercial soda lime glass that has been de-alkalized to obtain a great improvement in chemical resistance. A treatment applied to the internal surface of the glass reduces ion exchange, making this category suitable for solutions administered intravenously.

Typical products manufactured from Type 2 Glass
Molded glass infusion bottles

Type 3 Glass

Type III glass bottles and containers are made of untreated commercial soda-lime glass and has average or somewhat above average chemical resistance.

Typical products manufactured from Type 3 Glass
Food and beverages containers